Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Photographing in ... Paris and Annecy, France and of course ... San Francisco

Back when I started this blog I always had a dream to establish my business, Coeur de La Photography in California, then expand worldwide. In my head I would say to myself worldwide, worldwide, worldwide haha like my very own rap song mantra.

Worldwide, Worldwide, Worldwide

Fast forward, and that is what I am doing currently. I am now photographing in Paris and Annecy, France. Now do not think it is all glitter (I actually don't like glitter, it's messy) and croissants (I love croissants, warm fresh out of the over croissants) it has been a challenge. 

Think:  a bit of a language barrier at first (but nothing French lessons can't fix) and feeling like a small fish in a big pond when in the US I had just finished photographing a cookbook. Yup, a cookbook for one of my favorite's Ayesha Curry. The cookbook, "The Seasoned Life"  is a best seller and the photos are an absolute love letter to my craft. The experience taught me so much about myself as a photographer. I learned I was a self starter, can work within small time frames (and that I like small time frames), tight deadlines, and take direction. All things that are necessary for a food photographer. Not to mention ... working with my friend and someone I admire, Ayesha Curry was a blessing.

I had the honor to photograph and style 100 of Ayesha's recipes. So, think of how odd it is having worked on a cookbook, then coming here (France) and having people have little to no idea of what I worked on, and or the cookbook's title. Yup, that will surely knock anyone down from their pedal stole or pop the air out of your balloon quickly, but hey, that's ok. I am all for a little humble pie. I constantly remind myself: it's a new place, new country, new experience, and there is no offense taken.

SO, what I've learned is: dreams and the road to your dreams, you know the dream of me saying WORLDWIDE WORLDWIDE is and will be daunting, challenging, and there are new roadblocks to deal with. But, I am a firm believer things always workout how they should (professionally and personally). "That there is beauty in "the mess".

I think back to when I started this blog, people would say: what is a blog? Believe it, there were no Pinterest articles giving you step by step instructions on how to create a blog, how to make money for it, or how to gain followers. My fellow renegade bloggers, Lauren Hartmann, Alicia Lund, Mara Fereira all did it for community, not to make it big, get paid, etc.

I remember when I first started my food blog (because that's how it started, as a food blog) I only hoped be a simple, stand alone portfolio that I could show others saying: hey look I photograph my food, write about it, and love it. A portfolio of sorts. At the time believe it or not, people thought I was crazy. That I was wasting my time, that hey, "why don't you do something that is worthwhile". A lot of the same sentiments I get now with photography (yup people still say this), and especially with my dream of going WORLDWIDE and establishing Coeur de La Photography in France.

So, why did I do it, it being, come to France and photograph? I have always loved challenging myself and if I am being honest, there is nothing like photographing a couple in Paris ... truly it takes my breathe away every time (hopeless romantic no matter how hard I try not to be). And photographing food in France, come on it's the top of the top for cuisine, I mean it's FRANCE! 

I am sure by now you are thinking come on Caroline, get on with it, what's the meaning of this post? The meaning of this post: haha there is one. This post is my little reminder to keep going, brush off nay sayers, remember why I photograph, and encourage others to go after what they want. Maybe this post will inspire you to do something that has been nagging at your heart strings: starting a business, trying a new hobby, booking that trip, etc.

  It's also my way to say to people who are getting married in France, visiting France, or living in France that: I am here now and taking clients!! This American, moi, also speaks French and I promise to make you laugh when we work together. I can also tell you where to get the best macarons and coffee after I photograph you :) win win. 

 there you have it I'm here in France, booking clients and weddings in Annecy and Paris  for 2017. 
I am also booking worldwide, and California peeps I love you, and would never forget you, 
I'm booking in San Francisco too!

 That's it for now! Bon Courage fellow entrepreneurs. It's a tough road out there, a road filled with ups and downs, but there is validation when working for yourself, because at the end of the day you are a success and success depends on: you. 

PS ... I'm planning a photography workshop in Paris for my fellow photography, food loving, wanderlust loving friends ... more information to come.

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