Thursday, April 9, 2020

Back to Where it all Started ... Baking

Time and time again I said I would put together recipes and revamp my food photography portfolio.  I would put it on my list of to do's but never fully jump into recipe creation. Sure I would photograph a recipe for freelancing or occasionally for personal enjoyment but I never really got my hands dirty as when I first started food photography.

I remember the first days of food photography when my hands were covered in dough, sugar on my work space, and endless notes written on recipes of what to do and what not to do. 
For example, if I see a recipe with baking soda and baking powder it's an absolute red flag. 

I just told myself I don't have enough time. However the universe would yield time and  it was on the fist day of confinement here in France that I dove into making homemade gnocchi and ravioli.
 I had time for the first time in awhile. A bit overwhelmed by the situation I took to baking and cooking something I always do when I want to control my emotions, it is meditative for me.  

The ability to focus solely on ingredients and directions 
takes away overthinking and I always end up feeling accomplished,
 and grateful.

It was after making potato gnocchi that finally gave me the courage to try making bread. Oddly, I have always been intimidated by making bread. I am often impatient and in the past, have found countless excuses as to not make my own bread.

- It takes way too long and in the end what if your bread doesn't rise
-I don't have the time to leave my dough for 18 hours what if I forget about it

 However, after seeing my baker friend in Paris make a perfect loaf at home I was inspired to make my own. 18 hours + 4 hours later (4 hours give or take was the time it took to contemplate making my own) I had my very own homemade loaf of bread.

 Cracking into my first loaf and feeling the warm steam engulf my baking space, I was thrilled with what I had made ... bread. It was the first time baking where I was left in a state of ... wow and that was the only word that came to mind.  


When it comes to photographing bread I must say the bread stands on it's own there is minimal styling that needs to be done (in my opinion). The brown crust, the perfect bubbles of air, and next to a jar of french jam and your picture is perfect.

 With food styling I never like styling a scene just to photograph. I prefer setting the scene to how I will actually enjoy a meal, taking a few bites, actually pouring the coffee I am drinking into a coffee cup then taking photos. For me this routine allows for life to pop in my food photos. I like when food images speak to real life. The only problem I am finding is with baking such perfect bread saving enough for the photos haha. 

I hope all of you are doing well and finding things that keep you creative and inspired during this moment. For me, it is as always baking that has saved my spirit.

happy baking,

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